About Me

 My name is Meg, and have spent the last 15 years traveling the world. It all started in college, when I was a part of a performing group, and that group did a tour around Scandinavia. That was the first time I had been out of the country, and I knew it wouldn't be the last. I was absolutely dirt poor and so I didn't buy many souvenirs. Instead I had my nice camera that I had purchased to start a photography business to get me through school. I decided that photos of all the places I had been would be my souvenirs and I could print them when I got home and hang them on my walls, as a reminder of where I have been, and where I want to go, and that is what I want for you! I want you to be inspired to get out there and see this beautiful world we live on. Eat amazing food, meet incredible people and have the most magnificent adventures, that will create memories. 

My mission is to bring you fine art prints of the most iconic and beautiful places around the world. Ones that you will hang in your home and inspire you to travel, or ones that will serve as memories of when you did.